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March 26, 2008


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Hello, a very nice service that you are providing at ringbranch. my question are: with a ringranch number, when people call me and the calls are forwarded to me, the call forwarding part, is it free to me or i have to pay for call forwarding to my mobile US Number?

:) secondly what are the very technical and lenghty some other ways to use RingBranch with Gizmo5? Since the first post, we have been waiting/staying tuned to get other details (step-by-step instructions) to use Gizmo5 with Ringbranch. Please provide the step-by-step instructions.



this is not step by step but may help out. when you call PSTN using gizmo5 the call recipient gets a phone number on there caller ID that can be used for them to call you back; but only from the phone you called. it works by matching the caller ID on the return call so that the same numbers can be used over and over again. if you set your ringbranch to ring any phone and check the caller ID that comes through when you call your ringbranch number from gizmo you can that set ringbranch to forward all call to that number. just make sure that your caller ID option in ringbranch is set to always send your ringbranch number.

you are than able to use your ringbranch number as a free incoming number on your giamo5 account. you can also use it for free outbound calls.



I just signed up for RingBranch today, and signed up for Gizmo5 previously. I tried calling my RingBranch from Gizmo, a recording states that my RingBranch number is not available for free calling at this time. Is it because I just signed up for an account, or the RingBranch numbers are new? Any assistance would be appreciated.



In response to your question, some of the new RingBranch numbers are "backdoor" eligible and others are not. Whether or not a number is eligible is unfortunately beyond our control--it all has to do with whether or not Gizmo has an interconnect agreement in place with the provider of our phone numbers and they have these in place with some providers and not with others. We have not tested all of our access numbers. However, the Chicago number (312 area code) seems to be backdoor ready!


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