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April 16, 2008


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i think there are lots of other people like myself who are very happy to listen to ads them self in exchange for free phone calls; however are not willing to subject any other persons to those ads(at least not without there advance knowledge). this brings the following idea:

this is a whole new concept separate from the current service. there are quite a lot people in the usa who would like a free SIP service for outbound calls that includes an inbound number in there own area code. would you consider starting a service that has ad free inbound calling(with choice of area code) but ads on all outbound calls. while this would not make sense for you with the current PSTN service with a SIP service you would not have the PSTN charges(only the data charges) on inbound calls only on outbound. in order to make sure that the basic expense of keeping an account active is met every month you could have a minimum amount of outbound calls(and therefore ad presentations) per month in order not to have the account canceled. this would also ensure that users are not just getting a free local inbound DID without using the rest of the service. i believe such a service would be a huge hit particularly with the VOIP enthusiast/hobbyist community.


Hi SatPhoneGuy:

As always, we appreciate your candid and thoughtful feedback and we're going to take it into consideration. Right now, we're just trying to figure out our business model, and where/when to place the ads, as we're continually tweaking the service. This is not the final version, so look for some changes in the next few days.

Also, we've got some new features coming out soon as well, so keep in touch.

Many thanks for being one of our users!

Btw, we like the product suggestion you mentioned, and we're going to stew on it to see if we can incorporate it into our offering.

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